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Burn-out is a very complex illness, and therefore it as advantageous, if not essential, to combine several different treatment modalities;
  • Western medicine to detect and treat any underlying disease or illness, or any damage or deficiencies resulting from the severe strain the body has been placed under
  • Physiotherapy/massage to treat any physical problems related to chronic muscular tension caused by stress, strain and overload
  • Psychotherapy to help achieve a more suitable balance between rest, recreation and career

Other treatments and actions

Most people that suffer from burn-out also need help with activity adjustment, nutrition and sleep - all equally important in the recovery process from burn-out. A range of therapies are available, with the best option being a therapist possessing multidisciplinary knowledge and experience who can provide truly comprehensive treatment and follow-up.



For optimum integration of treatment and follow-up, good communication between the therapists is essential. This requires both an understanding of and respect for each other’s fields, and an openness to the strengths and weaknesses of each discipline – including their own. A holistic approach to the management burn-out will help your body recover more thoroughly and more quickly.



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The e-book contain information about:
- Introduction to burn-out
- What is burn-out?
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